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Have you seen a UFO/UAP in Hessdalen?
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Found a cigar-shaped object in Lake Djupsjøen

Donate to help us to follow and assist in the retrieval attempt this summer.


You will find many videos about Hessdalen here - and updates from the operation will be posted here. 

Operation Arctic Seals

A 1947 Ghost Rocket Retrieval Attempt Code Named Operation Arctic Seals

By Ole Jonny Braenne, MUFON National Director for Norway

Read more at MUFON ...

UFO archive Norway

This archive contain news cut from 1920 up to 1999.

This is a Google Folder - you can search!

We have made the first decade open for all.
Sign up to help - and you will get access to all years.

We want to put the observations on a map!

Do you want to help?

We need YOU to look at one year
find the longitude and latitude - and use our system to fill in
shape, color, strangeness, number of objects reported, ... if possible

We want to start with:

1979 * / 1980 / 1981 / 1982 / 1983

* we already have someone working on this year ;-)

Do you want to investigate a year?

Magnus Holm

2023 November

Videos recorded by the Technical Director of Project Hessdalen, Magnus Holm, related to the unexplained and mysterious aerial phenomena in Hessdalen, Norway. 

See the first ever AI based object tracking in Hessdalen
and a video of the Northern Lights as a bonus

Discord Stage Events

2023 November

In we have had some events

Make sure you join discord and check for Events. 

Join the discussion and suggest topics - but we will for sure hold both open events and events for members and team members. 

Mariann Fossheim

2023 September


Mariann wants help to detect anomalies in public data:
see her videos and take contact us if you want to help!

Cristina Gomez

2023 November 21

Erling, Magnus and Fred all at once!
And Cristina even donated at to give us better cameras at 

Chris Lehto

2023 between May and November → 8 videos

Chris Lehto has been busy interviewing people from Hessdalen, and visiting Hessdalen in the cold November during the UAP Crash Retrieval Program.

Isaiah Photo

This video has given us a lot of visitors

In the  description you can read:
Support Fred and Erling -

Please only join their discord server if you're genuinely interested. No trolling pls 

We got some trolls too - but we are used to trolls in Norway.

Meet & Greet, Hessdalen August 2023

Meet & Greet 2023


During this week: 

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We use ko-fi because it was so easy to set up and integrate with Discord, and there are:

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Many in the discord server have asked - how they can support us? Membership will be available soon, to help with regular expenses (a lot of internet expenses!) - but for equipment we need donors!

Now you can help us!

We want to upgrade the 25 year old Blue Box with 2 new all-sky cameras, magnetometers, logger, a zoom camera, a camera with spectrograph. And necessary computer systems: disks, router, ...

This goal is equipment needed for Phase 1 for the research plan outlined by Massimo Teodorani.

40 year anniversary

Project Hessdalen was established in the summer of 1983.
Project Hessdalen was registered as a non-profit company in June 2023.

Erling P. Strand was one of the founders.
Erling is now the President of Project Hessdalen.

He has been doing research on this phenomena for 40 year!

Google for Nonprofits

We have now been approved by Google as a nonprofit organization - and have been given access to Google Workspace for Nonprofits. This is important for us - now we can save communicate and cooperate easier. The first email created was But now all core team members will get their own google account - and we can use a shared document folder.

Thank you to Google!