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MASSIMO TEODORANI, Ph.D., astrophysicist
Scientific consultant for Project Hessdalen


PAST RESEARCH – Since 1984 a recurrent luminous phenomenon has been monitored using multimode measurement instruments. Hessdalen is the anomaly-location in the world that has been studied for the longest time. We now know how the phenomenon behaves, but we do not know yet the physical mechanism producing it. Many scientific papers (some also peer-reviewed) have been published.  

MAIN MYSTERY TO BE SOLVED – Why is it important to study the Hessdalen (and similar) phenomenon? Because we do not know the reason why these lights can be turned on, often at very high energy levels (up to 1 MW or more), for a so long time (up to 2 hours) without energy losses (no apparent thermodynamic cooling). What is the source of energy that keeps these light balls self-contained in a spherical shape?  

MAIN GOAL – We believe that a simultaneous use of new-generation measurement instruments can shed light on the physical mechanism of the Hessdalen phenomenon. Our main goal is to understand the physical mechanism of energy production. In a further phase we want to reproduce the phenomenon in a laboratory, with the intent of using that energy for human needs.  

MEASUREMENT INSTRUMENTS NEEDED – 1) All-Sky Optical Camera, 2) All-Sky FLIR Camera, 3) Pan-Tilt Zoom High-Resolution Optical Camera, 4) High-Speed Optical Camera, 5) Medium-Resolution Slitless Optical Spectrograph, 6) Radio Spectrum Analyzers (ELF/VLF and UHF), 7) Magnetometer, 8) Radar, 9) Drone equipped with Optical and IR Camera and with LIDAR, 10) Sound, Infrasound and Ultrasound Detector, 11) Muon Particle Detector, 12) LASER.

We were registered as a voluntary organization in the summer of 2023. Our goal is to secure further research into the Hessdalen phenomenon. Project Hessdalen has so far managed to raise some money through student activities - but now the prime mover, Erling P. Strand, has retired.

Erling P. Strand is now the chairman of the board on the new Project Hessdalen.

We have also started fundraising to be able to buy more equipment: high-quality camera with zoom, software and hardware. We are approaching our first goal, triangulaltion, but to achieve good research, special cameras are needed, and our scientific consultant, Massimo Teodorani, has already written a research plan and detailed what we need - but we lack funding.

As a team member you can help on

Do you want to raise awareness of this phenomena?
Do you want to help setting up the equipment?
Do you want to know what a drone can do in the valley?
Do you want to help with the data collection?
Do you want to help with web-site?
Do you want to go to Hessdalen and take pictures of the phenomena yourself or with others on the team?
Can you help with data-entry or help us create our data-systems?

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- an email account at
- access to our data at Google Disk
- access to our intranet
- extended access on our discord server