Developer Program

As part of the Developer Program - we had a presentation of Sanity: is a platform for structured content that comes with an open-source editing environment called Sanity Studio. It allows you to build the editing interface using React.js, giving a lot of flexibility and control to developers and organizations over how content is managed and presented.

Developer Program

Project Hessdalen has a Software Team working on developing the website, planning a mobile app, creating a content management system, building a database for witness reports and surveillance data, setting up streaming videos, adding AI systems to analyze images and videos, ...

Do you want to learn - and participate?
Contact the Software Team Manager:
Fred Pallesen, +47 94086203

Companies that encourage employees to join our developer program and support Project Hessdalen, allow new aspiring developers to get experience and learn from an interdisciplinary collaboration with an international professional and passionate team.

Next meeting will be on May Sunday 26th at 20:00
Join the online meeting at  

Fred and I are colleagues, and we have collaborated on codelab side project. Fred is exceptionally responsible and has a genuine passion for emerging technologies. Moreover, he's an outstanding public speaker. His latest enthusiasm for the Hessdalen project is incredibly infectious. It's both fascinating and compelling, and I'm eager to join him in exploring new technologies and learning more about Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs).
- Gulzhan

"As the leader for 70 developers in Stavanger, I see that having interesting side projects is a great way of learning. Fred has done this by finding something he is passionate about, and is using this project to grow as a leader and manager. Joining him on this journey will be a great experience to learn both best practices and to dig into the unknown."
- Ove

These are some of the web-technologies you will learn by joining:

Domain and DNS setup

We use Cloudflare and we have knowledgeable consultants who know how to configure domain names for websites.

Cloud Web Hosting

We use Vercel's Frontend Cloud to automatically deploy when merging to master. 

React and NextJs

Our site is made using "The React Framework for the Web", used by some of the world's largest companies

GitHub Codespaces

Our development environment is in the cloud, you can start coding instantly with codespaces.


Enables you to create full-stack Web applications by extending the latest React features


The Next Generation GraphQL Headless CMS.
Instant GraphQL content APIs.

Fred Pallesen
CEO of Project Hessdalen
Team lead of the Software Team

Works at Capgemini
as a Frontend Developer

The journey starts now

Every month I will invite to a Developer Meeting and you are welcome to join in the design and implementation of the new website.

Next meeting will be on May Sunday 26th at 20:00
Join the online meeting at 

If you missed the first meeting - check out the recording.
If you are not sure what this is about - listen in - maybe you can learn or you can help with some parts. 

I will make all code available on GitHub.

I will add Trello board or GitHub issues where you can pick out tasks that you may want to look at. And if you need help to get started:
Call me at +47 94086203 or send an email to

Click on the "Show your interest" button above and fill out the simple form - and you will receive an email with and our onboarding guide.

The new is just a PoC (Proof of Concept):

Now that the development environment has been tested out, we can start to define what we really want to do!

As you can see: we are at the beginning of our journey!


using the latest web tech like React, Next, GraphQL, Headless CMS, ...

Join our Developer Program if you want to learn - or teach others - how to use the latest web-technology.

We are using React and NextJS for our website. We are still in the process of setting up a Design System, a Component Library, define the technology stack to use: 

We are using Vercel to deploy our code. 

You should be able to join our development - without installing any development environment - just using GitHub Codespaces.

Database project 

We are looking at other databases in use now - by UFO Norge, NUFORC, MUFON and SCU's Database Project - to find a format that we can use.

But we do not only want a witness report, we want to store the data collected from equipment and cameras - in a database. 

Is this something you are interested in?
Then join the Developer Program!

AI model training

We have a lot of Images and Videos from the BlueBox - that should be analyzed by an AI system. 

We are getting 2 high quality cameras from the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg. 

We would like someone to work with them and get to know their SkyCam-5 system: how to train the AI model.

Could this something for you?
Then join the Developer Program!


We want to do more collaboration with Sky360, and we are already in dialogue with their developer team. 

They hold regular developer meeting, you will find them on Discord and YouTube - but we want to help out more!

We need the Sky360 to work even in heavy snow.