Susan Demeter

Abstract of Presentation

Saturday 13:00, September 7. 2024

High Strangeness and UFO Witnesses

UFOs are outside of our normal everyday experience; they boggle our minds and can change the course of our lives. Project Hessdalen like all research initiatives into anomalous phenomenon would not exist if it were not for the bravery of the initial eye-witnesses coming forward and publicly telling their stories. Many of these reports include some aspect of what can be labelled high strangeness ie: supernatural, psychic and paranormal phenomena. Eyewitness testimony can tell us a lot about where and what we should look for in terms of field research and serves to enrich the history of a location. This presentation will discuss the importance of creating safe spaces for people to fully share their UAP/UFO experiences free from any judgement. This is particularly important with reports that involve high strangeness which are a deep and inherent component of the UFO experience. The term high strangeness was coined as a scientific term, by a scientist who visited the Hessdalen valley. Dr J Allen Hynek gave us this framework for making sense of some of the most complex extraordinary experiences described by UFO observers. These often absurd, mind boggling elements may hold a key to a deeper understanding of the UFO and of us. This talk is dedicated to the Hessdalen witnesses of the past and present who courageously shared their extraordinary encounters.


Susan Demeter is a Canadian writer, researcher and artist. She is the author of Cosmic Witch, which in part details her own experiences with the paranormal that affected her in a deeply profound and life altering way. Susan is also a co-creator and occult consultant of the UFOlogy Tarot.

Susan has conducted Ph.D supervised research on behalf of the Defence Studies Department of the Canadian Armed Forces College in Toronto, Canada on the topic of UFO/UAP and for the the Koestler Parapsychology Unit at the University of Edinburgh - EUROPSI.  

Since 1999 she has investigated paranormal encounters including UFO/UAP and maintained an extensive database of cases reported in Ontario Canada. She is a founding member of PSICAN: Paranormal Studies and Inquiry Canada and a member of the Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena: ASSAP and the Fairy Investigation Society.

The themes of her writing, research, art, and spirituality incorporate her lifelong interest in exceptional human experiences, social history, mysteries, and cosmic magic. 

You can find Susan online at by email at or through her social media channels.