Erling P. Strand

Abstract of Presentation

Friday 18:00, September 6. 2024

How to detect the Hessdalen Phenomena (HP)

The HP can be detected in different ways. Visual by your eyes, by a camera and/or by different kinds of instruments. Some people may also detect the HP using their feelings and/or other mental means.

It is also important to know the differences of the four types of the HP. All behave and look differently.

The presentation will go through the different aspects of the HP and what you should be prepared on. A more detailed description of the four different types, and how to be most prepared for the experience.

What you should look for. How to prepare your camera. What data you should note in your notebook. What is the direction using your compass, how high above the horizon, time of day, weather, clouds, duration of the sighting and movement of the HP.


Erling is one of the founders of Project Hessdalen in 1983. He was responsible for the

science part in the field works of 1984 and 1985. He is the author of the final technical

report from the field work 1984.

Erling has set up and run the automatic station Blue Box in Hessdalen since its start in

1998. This task is now at Magnus Holm. Erling P. Strand has been one of the leaders in

running Science camps for young students, every year since its start in 2002 until the

Covid year. He has been Project Hessdalen manager until Fred Pallesen got this

position in early 2023. Erling P. Strand is now the chairman of the board on the new

Project Hessdalen.

Erling P. Strand has participated a lot in the media. He has been part of more than 100

different TV shows, from news to talk shows and documentaries. He has participated in

120 different radio broadcasts, been a guest on more than 30 podcasts and had 180

presentations worldwide.

Erling P Strand has been on scientific expeditions outback Australis, Mexico and

several in the USA and in Hessdalen. He was the European representative of the

Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) from 2007 to 2013, where the main task was to

organize conferences in Europe for the SSE. He is a consulting scientist at “the”. Norwegian representative of the “International Coalition for

Extraterrestrial Research (ICER)”. He was also been one of the key personnel of the

International Earthlight Alliance (IEA), as long as IEA was in operation.

Erling P. Strand was an assistant professor at the Østfold University College from 1988

until he retired in 2023. The main topic was to have lectures in computer science