Sign up to the Field Trip Weekend & Conference

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The price for the conference is 4000 NOK

Registration Fee is 750 NOK, then you pay the rest the first week of August, 3250 NOK.
NOTE: Kids under 18 year will only pay 1500 NOK (Signup: 750 + the rest: 750)

What is included?

All activities: Lectures - courses - excursions, opening and closing ceremony.

Food is included!

What is not included?

Accommodation - you have to book a place to stay for the weekend.

Transportation - you have to get to Hessdalen - we may help you get around during the conference. 

You may pay the rest of the Conference Fee now - but you have to pay before the first week of August. 

You may also pay using to our bank account and send an email to to confirm your payment:

Pay to: Project Hessdalen
Bank account: 4213.01.67904
IBAN: NO4642130167904
SWIFT/BIC for SpareBank 1 SMN: SPTRNO22

or you could ask for an invoice!


Hessdalen is a beautiful valley and I recommend that you try to find a cabin in the valley!
Some on the team has already booked for the week before the conference.
If you choose to do the same - we will meet in the valley!

Check on  before and during the Weekend to find out where we will be!

One option is to use Airbnb because many cabins are listed here. (Click on the image below)

Note: if you find a cabin with room for many - tell us if you are willing to share - then you could reduce the cost.
Check this page to see if anyone is willing to share. 

Another option is to find a hotel in the area. (Click on the image below)

Note: If you choose a distance from the valley - you need a rental car!

Some has indicated that they will sleep in their car! 

So if you have an RV then you can park outside the conference hall!

Last option is for you to bring a sleeping mat and sleeping bag!

We can offer some to sleep on the floor of the conference room! No privacy! Simple toilets but no bathroom!
You have to tell us in advance if this is your option - we need to know the number.
You have to pay a little fee of 150 NOK every night.


There are no buses, no taxis - no public transportation in Hessdalen!

Many (from Norway and Sweden) will drive their own car.
Many will get a rental.

If you do not want to pay for a rental - you have to tell us - and we will ask someone with a car to pick you up!
Important: If you want to be picked up - you have to find accommodation in the valley or in Ålen!