Astrophysicist Bologna University, Italy

Massimo Teodorani

Massimo is a scientific consultant for Project Hessdalen

Massimo Teodorani (PhD., Bologna University) is an astrophysicist from North Italy. His Ph.D. in Astronomy from Bologna University is with a specialization in stellar physics. He has been carrying out research on eruptive phenomena in astrophysics, such as supernovas, novas, high-mass close binary stars with neutron star component, black hole candidate binary star systems, strongly eruptive protostars (FU Orionis type), and cataclysmic and pre-cataclysmic stars. He is an expert in photometric and spectroscopic observational techniques. He has been working as a researcher at the INAF Naples Astronomical Observatory and at the INAF Radioastronomic Observatory in Medicina (Bologna). Being experienced both in optical and radio astronomy, in a subsequent phase Dr. Teodorani carried out research on extrasolar planets (search for 22 GHz water MASER line in 57 stellar candidates) and the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI).

Dr. Teodorani takes an observational/experimental and interpretative/theoretical approach to his research. He is also an expert in the physics of anomalous plasma phenomena of geophysical interest such as the Hessdalen phenomenon in Norway and similar recurrent phenomena in the world, on which he carried out and published a lot of observational and theoretical research using astronomy-like strategies and observational techniques. The philosophy of his research involves simultaneous multi-wavelength and multi-instrument measurements. He is presently working on new instrumental strategies in this specific field. He has been a research affiliate of The Galileo Project (Harvard University).

Recently Dr. Teodorani taught physics at the Bologna University, and he is a well-known science divulger in Italy about subjects such as astrophysics, quantum physics and anomalistics. He is author of 18 science-oriented books, including the two following important textbooks: 1) L’Atomo e le Particelle Elementari – Manuale per Studenti e Ricercatori (Macro Edizioni, Cesena, Italy, 2007), 2) Raccontare l’Universo – Introduzione Divulgativa all’Astrofisica (Tangram Edizioni Scientifiche, Trento, Italy, 2020). 

Dr. Teodorani also is very knowledgeable about military-like technology, whose knowhow – especially optoelectronic systems – he wants to implement into the physical study of anomalous aerial phenomena.

In his free time, Dr. Teodorani enjoys composing electronic music with synthesizers and sequencers.

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